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"Large enough to cover you, small enough to make it personal!"

GSI Enforcement, Inc has realized that one type of service does not fit every client's needs. We take the time to listen to our client's and work with them to develop a service package which not only meets their demands, but also stays within their budget. GSI Enforcement, Inc offers a wide range of security services from small to large accounts.

We provide our clients with Armed & Unarmed Security Officers who have completed the state regulated training(CLEET) along with additional mandatory training courses required by our agency. All of our Armed & Unarmed Security Officers are fully uniformed and equipped. They understand that their primary objective is to deter crime and be as vigilant as possible in order to protect our clients’ interests. We are also proud to provide Off-duty LEO's and veterans to our GSI force team. 

GSI Enforcement, Inc knows how important your property, customers and your staff are. So, why not make your business more secure with GSI Enforcement, Inc. Give yourself and your Employees the peace and tranquility deserved. A place where they can perform their duties to the maximum without having them worrying about their own safety and to your customers the pleasant visit of knowing that they are in a safe environment. GSI Enforcement, Inc can be a great asset to your firm. Get a free quote, now! Servicing Tulsa, OK and it's surrounding areas.

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